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2019 TENTATIVE Show Bill

2018 Pre-Entry Tab Form Pinto

2018 Pre-Entry Tab Form All Breed

2018 Stall Form

Master PtHA Class Entry Form

Master All Breed Class Entry Form

*Please include money for stalls with pre-entries.  Stall form
to be included with entry and payment to MSPB&O.

**All Pre-Entries MUST BE POSTMARKED at least 10 days
prior to the show in order to take advantage of the discount**

All shows are at the
Shiawassee County Fairgrounds in
Corunna, MI

(Please use if entering at the show or after the pre-entry:
"MUST BE POSTMARKED 10 days prior" deadline)

2018 Pinto At-Show Entry Tab Form

2018 All Breed At-Show Entry Tab Form

Master PtHA Class Entry Form

Master All Breed Class Entry Form
Michigan State Pinto Breeders and Owners
2018 Show Dates and Judges.  Judge biographies available if
names are underlined:

Spring Kick-Off * April 28 & 29
Judges: Kimberly Ziegler, Todd Foltz, Dan Grunewald, Kathryn Boggetta

Pint-O-Rama * May 12 & 13
Judges: Rick McClain, Richard Gahimer, Walter De La Brosse, Leigh Ann

Summer Classic * June 30 - July 1
Judges: DaleTimmermann, Dan Williams, Jef Lechner, Terri Klein-Rakosky

Tri-State and MSPB&O Labor Day 4-Day Show:
--> Tri-State * August 31 & September 1 (Friday - Saturday)
Judges:  Mike Adams, Dennis Clement, Carole Dunbar, Stephanie         

MSPB&O Class in the Country * September 2 & 3 (Sunday - Monday)
Judges: Josh Tjosaas, Chris Bickford, Scott McFarland, Trevor Walton

Fall Wind-Up * September 15 & 16
Judges: Ronald Bartholomew, Larry Thurber, Tina Langness, David Phillips